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What to Expect

Welcome to Stevens Chiropractic Center!

From the moment you enter our practice, we hope you’ll feel like you’re with family. Our team will greet you by name and help you fill out your new patient paperwork if you haven’t already done so online. We pride our practice on having very low wait times, though we do offer patient’s coffee, tea or water if there is a few minutes before we’re ready to see you. We’ll also take your insurance information at this time and explain your benefits if need be.

When we’re ready to begin, a member of our team will take you back to a chiropractic suite.

Your First Visit

Once in the exam room, we’ll review your full history based on your new patient paperwork and what exactly brought you in today. We’ll then ask you to put on a gown before Dr. Stevens enters the room for your initial consultation, during which he’ll discuss your problems and injuries while giving you a chance to ask any questions you might have about chiropractic. If you’d like to move forward, we’ll proceed with a full spinal examination. If X-rays are needed, we can take them for you onsite.

Typically, we do not adjust patients on the first visit, unless it’s an emergency, because Dr. Stevens likes to have adequate time to review your examination and X-ray results to help him craft the perfect care plan for your needs.

Stevens Chiropractic Center team

New Patient Forms

Your Second Visit

At your second appointment, Dr. Stevens will review all of his findings in detail with you so that you understand exactly how we can help. If you’d like to continue, we’ll often move forward with the first adjustment during this time. We’ll have patients watch a short video on the Activator technique so that they feel more comfortable with the process.

Ongoing Chiropractic Care

After your initial visits, we’ll get you started on your unique care plan. Because each patient is different, we could recommend you visit us 2-3 times a week to begin with before we re-evaluate your case. After 6-10 visits, we’ll talk about how you’re feeling and what care frequency is best to continue with. At Stevens Chiropractic Center, we want our patients to know that care is entirely up to you. We’ll never force you to come any more or less than you’d like to—our number one priority is helping you feel better.

Schedule Your Appointment

Ready to get out of pain and into health? We’d love to help you. Contact our practice today to learn more about what we can do for your family. We offer flexible payment plans for cash patients and accept most insurance plans.

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